It's Almost Noon & I'm Still Asleep...

It took me until 11:30 this morning to get my daily dose of caffeine. I was pretty much a walking zombie until then, not that most of the people with whom I interacted would have known. But my brain was definitely not working at full capacity. It still isn't.

I admit it, I'm a caffeine addict. Yes, Mom, I said it. :O) Without my energy shot of coffee in the morning, I'm usually pretty useless. I'm still feeling pretty useless today, and I've already had the caffeinated beverage of choice. *THAT* I don't understand.

As my one dear follower knows (you know who you are! :O), I am on the hunt for a job. I would say ANY job, but my luck would allow that taxi cab gig I applied for a while back to come through. And I'm just not into being a cab driver. Or a legal secretary. Or anything that involves cleaning up human or animal excrement. I get enough of that here at home. Anyway.

I've been on the hunt for a while now, although mostly in a sort of half-assed sort of way, but recently thought I'd found "IT" and so put my life on hold to jump through all the hoops and do the hula for the "IT JOB" people. Unfortunately, they didn't think I was "IT". Which sucks. But (given a little time, some tears, and a lot of perspective) which is probably a good thing because I really want to only go where I fit, to that little niche that God has carved out especially for me, wherever that may be.

So now I'm (once again) thinking about life and meaning and the purpose of work and fulfillment and destiny and waiting and all those other other-worldly words upon which my brain likes to flutter around like a moth to the flame. Ugh.

Cross your fingers and say a prayer. A long one. I need it. I have to go finish cleaning the spilled cereal and milk that got flung across the kitchen by the Ladybug a little while ago. And not cry over it.

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  1. Hey friend! No taxi driving for me either! : ) But...maybe a legal secretary!

    You go Momma, just keep on keepin'on.