The First Post...

Well, it's not the first post, really. Not if you count the 150 or so which have been rattling around in my brain for the last couple of weeks as I contemplated starting a blog. I think that the act of thinking about blogging has been more work than the posts will be. (Say that one five times fast!) We shall see.

So, about the title - it's a line from a poem I wrote about a hundred years ago... Oh wait, I mean, last spring. I wrote it during a class in which we were given writing prompts, and the prompt that we happened to light upon involved presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. This blog is *not* about Mike Huckabee. The title just happens to have his name in it. Anyway, I don't know that the rest of the poem will ever make its way to the internet (I'm not THAT self-confident), but the first line has always seemed fun and interesting to me. It's totally random and has little to do with anything (especially not Mr. Huckabee), but I like it.

Ask me about the cantaloupes. I dare you.

Hopefully, my little bloggy will involve lots of anecdotes about my darling daughters, whom I will, for now, refer to as KayKay and Little Ladybug (which apparently, is her favorite creature, great or small), some of my poetry, and I'm certain lots of other random stuff as I experience and/or discover it.

I'll leave off with a little gem from last night.

Picture it: all's quiet in the
zoo house, and the mama and the daddy have just taken their first sigh of sweet silence for the evening. Finally. Then the giggles, which had just died down a few moments before, begin again. *Sigh*

After a few seconds, the daddy calls into the room, "Quiet down, it's sleeping time!"

More giggling.

Another "Quiet or I'm going to have to come in there," this time in more threatening tones.

Giggling, followed by some unintelligible noises, then out of the blue the Ladybug pipes up with perfect clarity, "Daddy I'm going to make you into a peanut butter and bread sandwich!" Laughter, this time.

And this time, the mama is giggling. And they hear her. So of course, that eggs them on. As if they needed any egging. *Sigh* So then it's, "A BOY Sandwich! With bread!" (Said in such a way that one knows that the grossest thing Little Ladybug can think of right now is, God forbid, a BOY Sandwich.)

Now mama is laughing. And so is daddy. And both little girls.

They eventually did go to sleep. And so did we. With a lot of giggles. :O)


  1. Writing from the heart is a beautiful gift.
    Writing with humor from the heart is a RARE gift.
    Love this author!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. eat me link is broken, but great blog baby!!!aunt b

  3. Ha! wait until they grow up. then the jokes get better. take it from personal experience. I wake up some mornings still laughing at whatever crap my sister said the night before. C.