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Not much has happened over the last couple of days that I feel is "blog-worthy," so I decided to post a story involving KayKay and our little rhyming game which happened a couple of months ago... Most of the people who know me have probably read this, but it's too funny not to share.

Before I tell the story, I would like to share a short anecdote of something the Ladybug said yesterday...

We went to Sam's Club (boy-oh-boy, the adventure that is the Sam's experience... Ten pounds of bacon and a couple of boxes of Oreos and I'm good. Whooo-hoo!!) yesterday and the Ladybug happened to see the GIANT trampoline that every Sam's hangs from their ceiling, and mentioned to the Daddy that she wanted to buy "one of dohse trampolines." When the Daddy asked her where we would put the thing, she said:

"We could get one of dohse little trampolines and put it in my dreadroom (bedroom) and take KayKay's bed out of the dreadroom so that we could make a little space and put the little trampoline in the space and then we could jump on it."

When we asked her where her sister would sleep, the Ladybug replied, "On dah floor. Or in Mommy and Daddy's dreadroom." Uh-huh.

Apparently, she's not at the age where looking out for her sister is a top priority. *Sigh*

I personally think we should just dispense with their beds altogether, get the trampoline and set it up up there (with the safety guard around it), throw some pillows and blankets to the top, then add a padlock to the little door thing on the safety guard, and be done with it. That way they could bounce all they want, and we could lock them in it at night so they couldn't burst into the bedroom at some unholy hour to wake us. They'd love it, and we'd get some sleep. It'd be perfect!

Anyway, so here's my story about my KayKay... She's at THAT age. You know which one I'm talking about.

So we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood a little while ago, and then (at the Daddy's suggestion), we went home and loaded up in the car to head to the McDonald's PlayPlace (which I personally have begun calling the "PooPlace" simply because I despise going there)...

Anyway, on the ride there, I suggested we play the "Rhyme Game," so that the Little Ladybug could start learning to rhyme words. So we went through a bunch, and Ladybug got into the idea of a game, even though she wanted to rhyme "tortoise" (which is well nigh impossible to rhyme, I might add), and didn't really get it. It's kind of hard to explain to a three-year-old that "flower" and "flower" aren't rhyming words, that they're the SAME. But that's okay, she'll get it eventually.

So as we go inside the McDonald's, KayKay and I are rhyming with "bored"... So we go, gourd and Lord and cord and roared and sword, etc... Around the middle of that one, we went into the Mickey D's and I'm in the middle of ordering our drinks, when the cashier got caught up doing something else for a minute. So we while we waited, Michaela said she'd run out of words that rhymed with "bored," and asked for another word. I started thinking (we'd already done a lot of the easier ones - hat, top, etc...), and finally spied that Michaela was wearing my hat that my Arctic Auntie had made for me, so I thought, "AHA!" and said the word "knit."

Well, that got off to a splendid start. We did kit and grit and hit and mitt and spit and split.

Then... JUST as the cashier (who I think was also a manager) had taken our order, and was waiting to take my money (and of course, there's another employee standing right next to him, and the nice guy standing behind us with his baby), Michaela turned to me and said quite LOUDLY (as loudly as possible, I think), "SH**!! Mama, is SH** a word??"

Oh. Dear. Lord. I thought the guy behind the counter was going to choke to death trying not to laugh. The poor, innocent guy behind me - well, his eyebrows hit his hairline, and he nearly dropped the baby. And I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. And now I'm caught between wanting to start sobbing and wanting to laugh hysterically.

So. Yeah.

Lord help us all.

We won't be rhyming with "duck" anytime soon, either.

I think it can only get better from here... Right?!?!?

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  1. I love this story. Mostly because I love the picture I form in my head when your dying for the floor to eat you whole. :)